GBT Featured Book Review: Shadow Pack by Marc Daniel

GBT Featured Book Review: Shadow Pack
Marc Daniel (Author)
( 11+ Reviews )

Chief Deputy Mark Sullivan is found dead in his home, another cop killed in a string of murders. However, this one was different, the other victims were killed execution style, Deputy Chief Sullivan looked like he had been attacked by animals.

Lieutenant Steve Harrington was called to investigate and after surveying the crime scene he knew he needed a different kind of expert, so he called his old friend Michael Biorn. Shortly after arriving on the scene, Michael immediately knows something is off, but finds he cannot share what he knows to those investigating and soon finds his own life is at stake. Calling on the help of a few special friends, Michael soon discovers the truth is much worse than even he initially thought. Shadow Pack delivers an energetic read with many twists and turns. The multiple story lines are interesting and have been interwoven well, giving the reader an exciting mystery. The chapters are shorter than most novels, however this style of writing kept the momentum strong, making Shadow Pack a page-turner right from the beginning. Protagonist Michael Biorn’s back-story was expertly placed throughout the book with the author having developed a strong, likeable character.

Author Marc Daniel generates a healthy dose of conflict; internal turmoil and a little bit of romance all cumulating into a well-rounded novel. Although the writing is more reminiscent of that for young adults, mystery lovers of all ages will find this story to be a satisfying read with well-developed characters.

Shadow Pack was a provocative read making it impossible to put down. The author would do well to continue the story of Michael Biorn as he is sure to find his audience will demand more. – Reviews

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Shadow Pack
Marc Daniel (Author)

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