CandyCali: Kim’s Way

CandyCali: Kim’s Way

Ike Niles (Author)

Kim Jones a sophomore at Stanford University is aspiring to be the next top model. She may have all the looks but does she have the IQ to take her to the next level?

I know one thing’s certain, ain’t none of this is possible without best friends Samantha and Rose by her side. Follow Kim as she breaks free from her swinger ex-boyfriend Justin, to finding luck and love with an All-American in Andrew.

Will Kim have the strength and determination to set her priorities straight and make it in the world of Candy Cali?

Ike Niles, CEO of Candy Cali believes one hundred percent in Kim’s abilities, but will she have what it takes to make it to the top? Follow Kim as she competes against models from Brazil, Switzerland, New York, Viva Las Vegas as the goddesses take over Laguna Beach!

“You know making it in the world and achieving your goals is never easy. You have to have the heart and determination to make it in this day and age. That’s why I’ve chosen Kim! Not for the obvious reasons, but because she has the heart of a champion. You too can achieve the American Dream through hard work and dedication. I Guarantee!’’

(Mr. Ike Niles a.k.a. Cali)

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CandyCali: Kim’s Way
Ike Niles

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