Buck Seventy Two: A Destiny of WIll

Buck Seventy Two: A Destiny of WIll
Larry Perkins (Author)
( 4+ Reviews )

Enfield, North Carolina isn’t a large spot on the map, but for a young Larry Perkins, it was his whole world. Born to a sharecropper father and a mother who dreamed of bigger things, Larry’s childhood was tumultuous. In early child hood, his mother abandoned him and left to New York City to chase her dreams. Larry spent the first 9 years of his life bouncing from family member to family member before landing in his father and stepmother’s home. His father soon enslaved him, forcing him to work his life away on his father’s farm. The rules and demands of sharecropping life left little time for play, and work quickly overshadowed school.

Through hard work in the fields and his refusal to quit, Larry found a path out of the poverty. Armed with just a few dollars, Larry ran away at the age of 16. He purchased a one-way ticket to Manhattan with the goal of finding his mother. When he arrived in the big city, all he had was $1.72, his courage, an old letter with her address and his persistence. Through the hardships, Larry was able to use his traits and refusal to quit, to bring him from farm to fame.

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Buck Seventy Two: A Destiny of WIll
Larry Perkins (Author)
ASIN: B007O3181G

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