Book News (Raleigh): The Societal Influences of Technology by Luis Flores

Book News (Raleigh)

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“The Societal Influences of Technology” by Luis Flores

Discover the impact of technology on the modern world and gain an eagle’s eye view of the far-reaching implications of irresponsible technology use.

Technology has always had an extensive and pervading role in the evolution of humans. From the stone tools used by the early humans to the high-powered smartphones used by people of today, technology has always had a hand in driving human evolution.

While most of the technological inventions of the modern world have greatly improved the quality of life for a vast number of people, the convenience, comfort and safety that comes with technology and civilization have a great cost which is not easily noticed but has slowly compounded over time, like the frog in boiling water.

With painstaking detail and abundance of powerful, eye-opening research, Luis A. Flores connects the dots between technology and societal influence in a clear, straightforward and lucid way and uncovers how the evolution of technology is slowly changing the society and world at large.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this guide:

Everything you need to know about the double-edged impact of technology on society
The rising privacy concerns with social technology and what this bodes for the future
How videogames and social media affect juvenile behavior and social interactions
Smart solutions for leveraging technology to the benefit of the human species and mitigating negative side effects
…and more

Deeply insightful and profound, The Societal Influences of Technology is a seminal book that will provide a framework for grasping the dynamic relationship between technology and society in a way that has never been done before.

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