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Silent Strike: A Troy Stoker, M.D. Thriller (The Troy Stoker, M.D. Psychiatry Thrillers Book 2) by Dr. Francis Bandettini and Matt Nilsen

While completing his special operator training in the Mexican desert, psychiatrist, Troy Stoker, M.D. encounters a group of Shiite combatants. They are only days away from making their clandestine insertion into the United States. After a firefight, he uncovers a weaponized bacterium, poised to strike the United States. Stoker teams up with his mentor, Colonel Rivera to hunt down the source of the bacteria. With blood on their hands, Stoker and Rivera leave Mexico and follow yet another group of extremists into the United States. His tenacity uncovers a second silent strike—one that could bring America to its knees.

“This book was a real page turner and I couldn’t put it down. I had to stop reading it in the evening because I couldn’t put it down to sleep! I would recommend it if you like mystery and suspense!” – Review

The medical data in the book is scarily accurate and I can only hope that our government has taken the necessary precautions to prevent such a disaster. I also found it fascinating that we may have an efficient and effective lie detector that should be used by law enforcement. Scary book but fascinating. – Review

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