Book News (Mesa): I AM: A simple idea for making life better by Mark Perez

Book News (Mesa)

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“I AM: A simple idea for making life better” by Mark Perez

If you’re someone who wakes up each day, reads the news, looks around, and wondered what happened with the world – where we went wrong – then I AM is a book to help it all make sense. A philosophical, introspective take on a society that we all know and struggle to accept today, this kind of read is one you’ll be dying to discuss with friends, family, and coworkers the moment you finish each chapter.

Embracing the topic of world suffering and decay, I AM is a new kind of perspective, one that challenges the reader to reflect on the fact that whether you’re a victim, perpetrator, or bystander, you are still part of the problem. Not afraid to shy away from the self-reflection that so many of us fear, I AM challenges you to consider your role in the world and how you can have contributed to the reality that you so frequently comment on.

But, since I AM makes the claim that you are part of the problem, you are also part of the solution. In the second half of this thought-provoking read, I AM dives even deeper. Beyond looking at the problems at large in our world, the novel challenges you to reflect on the problems in your life.

As I AM states, “Part of being everything wrong with the world, is a willingness to admit that you are also a big part of everything wrong with you.” When you woke up today, what about your life didn’t you like? What did you dread? What do you wish you could change? Contrary to popular belief, you are actually in the driver’s seat. I AM challenges you to grab the steering wheel and start driving.

So how are you going to change? How are you going to make the world a better place? I AM poses a concept of that one burning desire we all have; the one thing that lights our souls on fire. What’s your burning desire and how can you use it to create a better world for your children and their children?

You’ll have to dare to pick up this new-age, thought-piece that goes where no other modern philosophical reads will go. It’s bold, it’s provocative, and it might just be the solution to our future.

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