Book News (Fort Worth): The Almanac by E.L. Stricker

Book News (Fort Worth)

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A young adult post-apocalyptic fiction.

A century ago the pandemic known as The Calamity wiped out most of the population.

Illya Oslov’s village is on the brink of starvation. Food supplies are dwindling, and winter is slow to release its grip. The ways of the old world are regarded with fear and superstition. Reading, farming techniques and modern technology have been forgotten. But, Illya believes that the hidden knowledge of the old world holds the only hope for his people’s survival.

Now, Illya’s people eke out a meager existence as hunter-gatherers, barely scraping up enough food to sustain themselves, but when Illya discovers an ancient copy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac ®, and learns to read it, he quickly realizes that the wisdom within its pages could save his village, assuming he isn’t banished just for having it.

In a tale of greed and intrigue, in a devastated world, Illya must navigate the treacherous waters of knowledge, ignorance, and prejudice. He must form a tenuous alliance with his greatest enemy, putting his very life on the line to become his people’s greatest hope. But, will his newfound knowledge prove to be their salvation? Or will it destroy them all?

A compelling post-apocalyptic story that holds on and won’t let go!

” You might want to put on something warm before you start reading E.L. Stricker’s The Almanac. Illya Oslov lives with his “ma” and little sister in a village. He gets his hands on the Almanac, the type of book that causes him to wonder a lot and though he is a bit fearful about the scrutiny that might come from reading it, he still puts in a lot of effort to learn its secrets. Unlike us who live in a world where anything we want is easily attainable, Illya lives where things are different. After his village experiences a day of terrible weather, he makes this book known to his people because he must lead his village into a better future. What troubles him is how difficult it is to do so with only a smidgen of confidence to fuel him. Only seventeen years old, he has big shoes to fill as a leader while he has everyone’s attention.

The author is great with setting descriptions that pull you quickly into a world that seems truly mesmerizing and it can quickly be seen how something like the weather, which becomes a life-threatening obstacle, is detailed. It is an interesting future world that has been struck by something stirring called the Calamity, where the knowledge and tools we have are scarce. The author conjures up the aching feeling that comes with starvation very well. I liked the character descriptions which make the characters realistic and I felt they were easily loveable. Where life lessons are concerned, E.L. Stricker teaches the reader valuable ones needed for survival – leadership, patience, and hard work – while the main character grows into his elected role and faces the challenges thereof.” ★ ★ ★ ★ -Benjamin Ookami for Reader’s Favorite

“From the first chapter, I couldn’t put this book down and it only got better from there. It was absolutely addictive.

If you liked Wool, by Hugh Howey, you need to read The Almanac.” -Amanda Leeber, Author of Behind the Painting

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