Book News (Columbus): Imperfect 10: A Practical Guide To Transform Your Troubles Into Triumphs by Maxine Haber

Book News (Columbus)

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Born with an extremely rare birth disorder called Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS), Maxine lives without the ring and middle fingers on her left hand, missing the same two toes on her left foot as well as a very visible 360-degree scar around her right ankle. But, thanks to the strength that was instilled in her as a child and the inner confidence she developed over the years, she has transformed herself from a shy, bullied child with physical differences into a successful happy woman and a self-described Imperfect 10. This book details her triumphant journey of ups and downs, thanks to the ability to accept her imperfections and overcome life’s obstacles along the way.

Maxine shares her story with you and gives you the specific actions you can take to overcome your imperfections and begin truly living the life of your dreams. Through her experiences, this book gives you the path to take any imperfections in your life from deformed to transformed! Whether they are physical, emotional or even if you’ve already had that dream life only to have it taken from you. Imperfect 10 shows you how to dream a New Dream and obtain it with the certainty that you deserve it. You will learn how to give yourself permission, love yourself and truly know that you are worthy. Your imperfections do not define you, nor can they defeat you. Imperfect 10 takes you beyond motivation and gives you the tools to create lasting transformation in the areas of your life where you desire them.

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