3 Ways You Can Increase Book Sales

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Being an author, your major responsibility is not to do book marketing but to write, get more ideas; write and keep writing. You already know that you need to capture the mind of your readers when crafting your writing.

While that is essential, do you ever think of how frustrating it will become when after a series of mind mapping and in the end, your book which has made it out of your publisher, goes nowhere? That alone can wreck your enthusiasm!

Do you leave writing and learn about sales strategy?

Do you focus on writing and forget about the ads, with the notion that good books sell themselves?

In a phrase, is it the marketing strategy that sales the book more or how the book addresses the need for targeted readers?

Questions such as these are what this GBT Author’s Corner article seeks to address. Not to keep things sticky, good books sell better than bad books.

To get your book across to readers focus on these three things:

#1. Editing

First thing first, your book should be well-edited. A well-edited book is one that follows a prescribed crisp and captivating pattern. Do not overlook editing as a primary force to producing quality book. Avoid editing your own book because you may only see the best things about the book. A good practice is to hire an editor who will evaluate and improve structure of your book.

#2. Book Cover

Your book cover finalizes the first impression of your book to a potential buyer, and it factors to a greater extent if the buyer will end up buying your book or not. This is so important and should not be limited to the standard assumption of “don’t judge a book by its cover.” You write a book for the market after you are sure that your book addresses a need that may interest your targeted audience, you do not want to limit your selling advantage by creating a bad book cover or blurb.

Make full utilization of devising a good and promising design for your book cover. One way to capture sales is to think of things that frustrate you about a book cover. Reflect upon them and craft a good book cover!

#3. Title

The title of your book drives the thirst and hunger for the book. People want to see a title that holds a lot of promise – the title works similar to how your book cover works. A good title is not picked emotionally, as they will not stand the test of time. One best way to get winning title is found in the book: “Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book“.

Your book will ultimately market itself better from the content inside rather than from the ads.  Good book, good cover and good title is your formula for great book sales!

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