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3 Ways You Can Increase Book Sales

To get your book across to readers focus on these three things….Read More

How can literary agents help self-published authors?

Two literary agents, Lisa Hagen (Lisa Hagan Literary) and Jessica Faust (BookEnds), recently talked about their experiences with self-publishing authors and helping them transition into the print world….Read More

A Speechwriter’s Tips for Authors on the Speaking Circuit

I suspect most authors are more likely to book speaking engagements, readings and book signings at libraries, community colleges, adult learning centers, churches, senior centers, on radio shows and before civic groups and women’s organizations. As a professional speechwriter, I’d like to share a few tips I use in my work that might be relevant to you…….Read More

What it Takes to Get Publicity For Your Book

Authors seem to think that if they’ve written something intriguing or interesting, and some people close to them like it, that the media will find them and come running.
Instead, to get your book noticed, you need to create some attention—a “buzz” around your book……Read More

How Self-Published Author Sold 800,000 Books

In a recent question and answer session with GoodbooksToday, author Theresa Ragan (Taming Mad Max), a New York Times and USA Today best-selling self-published author reveals some of the secrets to her many successes….Read More

How Do You Balance Writing and Family?

If you’re a writer, and you have a family, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t have to time to, well, write. You’ve got homework and after-school activities and PTA and you have constant errands and chores, and somehow everyone has to get fed…..Read More

How can literary agents help self-published authors?

Every writer wants to be the next Stephen King or JK Rowling or El James. But, the truth is, most books don’t make it onto the bookstore shelf. Self-publishing has increased the number of books available, but not all self-published books sell well….Read More

How to Design a Beautiful Book Cover

So you have spent countless hours, days, months brainstorming ideas and writing your book and you are finally finished. Now what?

You need a cover for your book but where do you start? Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your book catch the eye of future long-term fans…..Read More

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