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Book Review: No Safe Place (Taylor Wilmering)
By Angela Sturm

A sleeper terrorist cell, Ansar Inshallah, has begun attacking schools, killing innocents as they believed American society is corrupting its children. The Ansar Inshallahs response to this perceived injustice is to eradicate it. John Anderson, of the CTD and Erin Walker, of the FBI, were tasked with identifying the threat to the local people comingling their agencies in an effort to locate and dissolve this band of radicals.

In this hard to put down book, Wilmering's spy thriller has the beginnings of well-developed characters, many twists and turns and plenty of tension. Her main drivers, John Anderson and Erin Walker, were easy to identify with and left me wanting to know more about their lives.

Wilmering did an excellent job on her first short story; transitions were seemless, plot was complex and the goal of her story met. My only complaint is that I would have liked it to be longer, delving deeper into character development on her already well defined protagonist and supporter as well as a more elaborate stage behind the Ansar Inshallah. However, I was impressed with the new authors ability to draw me in. On more than one occasion I was on the edge of my seat, I felt as though I was there, heart pounding, hoping the worst was not about to happen. In fact, I found it quite refreshing that very little gore was needed to make the story.

The mere thought of what could take place kept me on edge. Wilmerings book was thought provoking and instills fear in its reader. I highly recommend reading No Safe Place by Taylor Wilmering. The book is evocative of our time and although fictional, a reminder of what could be; which is part of what makes this read a real page turner.

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No Safe Place
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