Featured Book Review: The Boy in the Suitcase
Lene Kaaberbol (Author), Agnete Friis (Author)

The Boy in the Suitcase is a suspenseful crime thriller that follows the kidnapping of a three-year-old boy from the viewpoints of each of the adults that the abduction affects. The reader is able to simultaneously witness the mind of the bereft and desperate mother of the child, the less than compassionate abductor, the mysterious benefactor of the crime, the woman who gets wrapped up in the whole affair accidentally but with a heart that won’t let her walk away, and the man who wishes she would. The book provides access to the inner thoughts of the main characters, which are immediately endearing, and startling in their ferocity. What results is a dynamic portrait of a crime from the motivation to the casualties to the fear and strength of those who fight to right the wrong.

As the story unfolds from so many different angles, the reader cannot help but be invested and engaged. Even the worst of the characters has enough background and emotional depth to force the reader to view him as a real, fleshed-out person, and this is an impressive literary feat. Additionally, the writers adeptly describe gruesome displays, powerful inner turmoil, and uncomfortable situations with equal vividness, causing readers to squirm as they feel what the characters are feeling in each passage. Finally, and most importantly for any novel with aspirations in the crime genre, the authors are more than able to build the tension and drama of a scene to an almost unbearable point. The full story only unfolds piece by piece, and until it is finally put together in the powerful conclusion, readers will be kept in a perpetual state of delightful suspense.From shocking murder scenes to haunted pasts, Lene Kaaberbol and Agnete Friis have crafted a thrill-packed story that will keep readers chained to the pages until the emotional end.

The Boy in the Suitcase

Lene Kaaberbol (Author), Agnete Friis (Author)

ISBN: 978-1616951696

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