Book of the Week: Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes and Party Planner
Mara Michaels (Author), Carolyn Stone (Author)

What’s a Super Bowl without a party? But what about your New Year’s resolutions to eat right and watch your weight? The good news is that you CAN enjoy the big game without packing on the pounds.

In this guide, the authors offer a range of healthy options to make Super Bowl Sunday great with fabulous food all your guests will love, even the calorie-conscious. From delicious homemade snacks, dips, and pizzas, to Tex-Mex style menus and food with an Asian flair, you will find mouth-watering healthy versions of many sports-fan snacks for a fraction of the cost and calories.

You will discover great recipes for burgers, hot dogs, side dishes and more. Round out the meal with succulent salads, delicious desserts and delectable drinks. You will also get a downloadable list of essential items to help you speed through your Super Bowl Party planning in a fraction of the usual time.

No matter which team you support on Super Bowl Sunday, you and your guests will all be winners when it comes to the snacks you serve on the big day. Save money, stay slim and discover low-calorie alternatives to your favorite take-out and fast food menu items that you can enjoy not just on Super Bowl Sunday, but for any occasion when you want food full of flavor but not crammed with calories.

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Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes and Party Planner
Mara Michaels (Author), Carolyn Stone (Author)

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