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A Unzip Your Pants: How to Be Vulnerable In a F*cked Up World
Matt Morris (Author)

Book Description: Did you know that emotional vulnerability could be good for you? This book tells you exactly how opening yourself up to the unknown can improve your mental and physical health, and lead you to a happier and more fulfilling life…..Read More

A Return to Eros: The Radical Experience of Being Fully Alive
Marc Gafni (Author) | Kristina Kincaid (Author)

Book Description: Discover the secret relationship between erotic, the sexual, and the sacred

Sex is not negative or positive. Sex is not just neutral, nor is it merely sacred because it creates babies. None of these old sexual stories work for us anymore. We need a new sexual narrative……Read More

Iceland Ultimate Road Trip: A complete self-driving itinerary and travel guide + Walking tour Reykjavík
Wouter Coppens (Author)

A unique travel guide to discover Iceland on an exciting road trip that takes you to famous places, but also some hidden gems of this beautiful country…..Read More

Serial Killers: Top 15 Most Evil Serial Killers To Ever Live And The True Stories Of Their Crimes (Murderer – Criminals Crimes – True Evil – Horror Stories)
Richard Berrington (Illustrator)

Thanks in no small part to the billion dollar movie industries in different parts of the world that release tonnes of serial-killer-themed movies on a yearly basis and writers and authors who publish thousands of novels and story books that portray the lives of fictional serial killers…Read More

Serial Killers: Top 10 Doctor Serial Killers to Ever Live and The True Stories of Their Crimes (Murderer – Criminals Crimes – True Evil – Horror Stories)
Richard Berrington (Author)

Learn about the most evil Doctors to have ever lived

The term “serial killer” was officially first used in a 1950 book titled “The Complete Detective”. Since then it has been chiefly used to refer an individual who murders people for a form of psychological satisfaction…..Read More

Bad Habits Do Not Die Hard: 9 Simple Steps to effectively acquire Positive Life Changing Habits
G. M. Oliver (Author)

Book Description: Do you want to acquire new positive habits and learn how to stop your bad habits for once and for all?….Read More

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