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Iceland Ultimate Road Trip: A complete self-driving itinerary and travel guide + Walking tour Reykjavík
Wouter Coppens (Author)

A unique travel guide to discover Iceland on an exciting road trip that takes you to famous places, but also some hidden gems of this beautiful country…..Read More

Serial Killers: Top 15 Most Evil Serial Killers To Ever Live And The True Stories Of Their Crimes (Murderer – Criminals Crimes – True Evil – Horror Stories)
Richard Berrington (Illustrator)

Thanks in no small part to the billion dollar movie industries in different parts of the world that release tonnes of serial-killer-themed movies on a yearly basis and writers and authors who publish thousands of novels and story books that portray the lives of fictional serial killers…Read More

Serial Killers: Top 10 Doctor Serial Killers to Ever Live and The True Stories of Their Crimes (Murderer – Criminals Crimes – True Evil – Horror Stories)
Richard Berrington (Author)

Learn about the most evil Doctors to have ever lived

The term “serial killer” was officially first used in a 1950 book titled “The Complete Detective”. Since then it has been chiefly used to refer an individual who murders people for a form of psychological satisfaction…..Read More

Bad Habits Do Not Die Hard: 9 Simple Steps to effectively acquire Positive Life Changing Habits
G. M. Oliver (Author)

Book Description: Do you want to acquire new positive habits and learn how to stop your bad habits for once and for all?….Read More

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: The Natural Way To Reversing Erectile Dysfunction, erections on demand, (erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction … diet, impotence, how to cure impotence)
Ronald Towdie (Author)

Book Description: At Last…The Natural Approach To Reversing Erectile Dysfunction Is No Longer A Secret…..Read More

Scott McGlynn (Author)

Book Description: OUT is a memoir that chronicles 28-year-old Scott McGlynn’s years of being bullied for being gay and how he overcame them. His writing takes a close look at his experiences growing up and learning to accept his true self…..Read More

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