The Power of Positive Thinking
Sarah Elizabeth Walter

The phrase ‘attitude is everything’ is well known, and holds true for whatever the task . Those who do well  envision themselves being successful, and failure is not recognized as an option. Learning to utilize positive thinking can be an important tool that contributes to the overall degree of success.

Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

To experience greater happiness and success, it is important to try to eliminate negative thinking patterns that interfere with moving forward. Some people are more prone to negativity. Genetics and temperament can both play a role, combined with learned behavior coping strategies to live in an unpredictable, ever-changing world. Being pessimistic can actually help people to have less anxiety, which can ultimately improve performance. Additionally, people who are more pessimistic by nature are generally better equipped to handle negative feedback from others.

When they know what the problem is, they can readily work to rectify the situation.

How can a positive frame of mind help you?

Having a positive mental attitude can help to get through difficult situations, as well as to provide a critical foundation to achieve success in accomplishing important business goals. Seeing success is an important part of being successful in any venture.

Research studies support many benefits of positive thinking, including improving physical and psychological health and overall well-being.

This can contribute to maintaining healthy mood and energy levels while working toward professional goals.

Additional benefits of learning to think more positively include:

1. Increasing overall happiness in everyday life
2. Reducing stress and anxiety
3. Improving stress management and coping skills
4. Increasing confidence and courage to overcome obstacles
5. Improving focus which encourages making good decisions, better time management and organizational skills
6. Increasing overall success in reaching both personal and professional goals

It is very important to learn how to overcome negativity to assist in reaching both personal and business goals. There are some key ways to decrease negative thoughts and replace them with the positivity to succeed.

First, learn to practice optimism and maintain expectations for positive outcomes in all situations. Make a conscious decision to be happy and positive each day. Try to smile more often, as it is very difficult to maintain a negative attitude when smiling.

Make an effort to get involved in healthy, recreational activities that foster self-esteem, creativity and positive social interaction.

Practice healthy lifestyle habits by eating right and getting regular exercise.

Engage in activities that empower and motivate such as meditation, prayer, reading positive quotes and inspirational books.

See difficult situations as opportunities to grow and change. Regardless of the situation, make an effort to keep trying and work hard to maintain a ‘never give up’ attitude.

Choose to be surrounded by positive people who provide a source of inspiration, motivation and support.

Last of all, celebrate success and enjoy rewards for progress toward goals, all the while believing in yourself and your ability to succeed.


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