Featured Book Review: Bending the Boyne: A Novel of Ancient Ireland
J.S. Dunn (Author)

Part fantasy, part historical fiction, J.S. Dunn’s Bending the Boyne is a tale of twisted Ireland myths, a unique take on archeology and new legends that is sure to entertain readers of a wide spectrum of ages and interests. Maps presented at the beginning of the book are quite useful in allowing the reader to follow along with the physical journey of the characters. What follows is elegant prose and detailed, flowing descriptions to set the stage for the intricate, meticulously thought out story ahead. The story itself is one of invading forces versus those people who had built their lives, homes and history on Ireland far before even the Celts were present. Even though the story takes place so long ago in a historical context, the feeling of the story will still resonate within the hearts of the people of today’s world. Whether one has a rich knowledge of Irish folklore or not, this will still be an entertaining and thought provoking read. The language the author uses is gorgeous, such that the prose of it all is perfect for articulating this particular tale, and the words chosen eloquently fit the tone and pacing of Bending the Boyne. The way in which history and fantasy are interwoven is astounding and will keep a readers attention throughout the story.

When Boann runs, the reader is not merely reading along, but running beside her. Her desperation is felt in vivid detail as the audience is thrust head first into the action right at the beginning of the involved plot. What is unique about this character of Boann is that even in a moment of sheer panic, she is strong willed and a force to be reckoned with. In this sense, she is a fitting heroine to follow in this tale of ancient Ireland, wrought with real history as well as legend. Well researched historical fiction at its best, J.S. Dunn delivers an intelligent and fantastical read in Bending the Boyne.

Bending the Boyne: A Novel of Ancient Ireland
J.S. Dunn (Author)
ISBN: 978-0983155416

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