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The Words I Never Said
Setara Mastin (Author)

Book Description: The Words I Never Said is the debut book by Setara Cheri Mastin. Filled with poems and prose, the words throughout these pages hope to give the reader a friend….Read More

William Ottoway’s Utopia and other stories
Christopher Griffith (Author)

Book Description: William seeks contented ease, not tragic hardship; Rick loves simple melody, not its mysteriously melancholic effect upon him; Emily dreams of anything but having to work another day for darkly comic Carol; Saman is overcome by revenge fantasy, but the subject of his vengeance wants only…Read More

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Thank God I Failed: A Collection of True-Life stories that will Change your Life!
DES . (Author)

Book Description: Thank God I Failed by Des is a moving, often poignant collection of stories about actual events in her life. She courageously shares with her readers her stories of pain, depression, drugs, alcohol, and toxic relationships…..Read More

Childhood Trauma and the Non-Alpha Male – Gender Role Conflict, Toxic Shame, and Complex Trauma: Finding Hope, Clarity, Healing, and Change
Douglas W. Carpenter (Author)

Book Description: Prejudice is a word that is often associated solely with race. However, the truth is that we pre-judge all the time based upon countless factors, including gender, age, race, beliefs, politics, or any other infinite number of minute differences; it is a common habit for all of humanity to form an opinion without facts, firsthand experience, and without empathy and value for our fellow man. What if these habits changed? What if our default response was first to love, to learn, and to listen?…..Read More

Unschooling for Parents: Protecting Innocence
Hope Johnson (Author)

Book Description: A Mystic’s Guide to Awakening With Children and to Awakening the Child Within

This book is written for those who are interested in healing the root cause of feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, disappointed, irritated or afraid as a parent or as a caretaker to children….Read More

My Roller Coaster Ride to Motherhood
Orchid Bloom (Author)

Book Description: Some wounds aren’t always visible, some hurts are too deep to be fully seen…After two decades of trying not to get knocked up, Linda finds herself struggling to fall pregnant….Read More

The Uber Connection: The Uber Driver
Barry Bowe (Author)

Book Description: The Uber Connection is a contemporary murder mystery / love story set in Philadelphia and its suburbs. Like Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote, Steve Piasecki is an aspiring author thrust into the role of amateur detective. To solve the crimes he encounters, he uses moxie, charisma, and determination….Read More

A Pilot’s Guide To Beating Jet Lag For Good: Written By A Commercial Airline Pilot, This is The Only Book You’ll Need To Feel Fully Refreshed When You Travel
S Price (Author)

Book Description: This book is a comprehensive guide to utilise while travelling all over the globe, both short-haul and long-haul. It provides secret insights into the aviation industry, from a commercial pilot’s perspective, which allows you to feel fully recovered at all times…..Read More

The New Treehouses
Fred Bux (Author)

Book Description: The New Treehouses highlights the ongoing problem of deforestation, the importance of teamwork, and the importance of helping others when you have the means to do so….Read to find out.

Loving Hurtful Parents: Wisdom to Heal Your Relationship With Emotionally Abusive Parents
Vishnu’s Virtues (Author)

Book Description: Have your emotionally abusive parents controlled you, criticized you and made you feel unworthy?

Are you an emotionally hurt, broken-down child of controlling parents? Do you feel sad about your childhood and angry about your upbringing? Are you struggling to be a whole and complete person today?

The author experienced emotional trauma and battered self-worth after growing up in a dysfunctional home of emotionally destructive communication and violent rampages which hurt his heart, spirit and soul. Learn how he came to terms with the abusive behavior, criticism, put-downs and anger he experienced while growing up in an emotionally abusive home….Read More

Littleman spooky story
Glen Hall (Author)

Book Description: Dogs are perceptive creatures and when Little Man goes to live with his human, in a trailer in the woods, an alarming sequence of events has his owner wondering about her own sanity and why her otherwise calm and confident dog is suddenly behaving like there’s a phantom visiting them in the dark…..Read More

When My Soul Bleeds Words: The Vivid Chaos of Being Human
Leah K. Oxendine (Author)

Book Description: When My Soul Bleeds Words is more than just another hipster poetry book. Look through the eyes of a young woman struggling to find peace and clarity in the chaos of her human shell. Venture into a realm which few dare to acknowledge, let alone enter—the battlefield of the soul. Within this artfully symbolic, illustrated poetry collection you will see more than just poems. You will experience a kaleidoscope of raw, uncensored human emotion, from the perspective of a Christian fighting bipolar symptoms…..Read More

The Art of Coaching High School Tennis 2nd Edition: 88 Tips, Tricks, Skills and Drills for a Magical Season
Bill Patton (Author)

Book Description: Are you a new coach and want to get off to the best possible start coaching your team? Are you a coach pressed into service by the school? Have you been coaching tennis, but your team is stuck in a rut? Are you looking for expert coaching to take your team to the next level? You are in the right place. Bill Patton has revised the first edition with a higher level of prose, and 20,000 more words of easily…..Read More

screaming wings
Gemma Marie (Author)

Book Description: Inspired by one girl’s journey to freedom from the rat race lifestyle, this debut collection of poetry and prose from author Gemma Marie promises a soul soothing read. Every single one of the 180 contemporary poems have been carefully written to help the reader overcome self-doubt, negativity and to provide hope, light and positivity to anyone who needs it…Read More

Rise: Birth of a Revolution (The Flynn Chronicles Book 1)
Mark Moore (Author)

Book Description: Mark S. Moore’s debut novel follows the fledgling Ricchan rebellion. A dark and gritty tale of war, intrigue, and betrayal. Rise is driven by a diverse array of complex characters and moral consequence. Between muskets and firebrands, Damien Flynn finds himself in the midst of growing turmoil. Political espionage, assassinations, scandalous affairs, underhanded deals, and dirty politics threaten to plunge the known world into chaos. What makes a patriot? What makes a traitor?…..Read More

Winning: Against All Odds | Entrepreneur Tools for Success
Gernado Abrams (Author)

Book Description: The objective in this book is to inspire you by sharing my life lessons. Hopefully, this book will help you create another revenue stream. This book will uplift your mental attitude and bring you into better awareness of yourself…Read More


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