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1861: Civil War Beginnings (Civil War Year by Year)
by Nick Vulich (Author) | History Blogger (Author)

Book Description: Think you know what started the Civil War?

In hindsight, we can say no one man or event served as a catalyst for the Civil War. It was not the John Brown Raid, no matter how many historians say it was the pivotal event. It was not the election of Abraham Lincoln, and the war was not about slavery—not in the beginning anyway.

The Civil War got its start seventy-three years earlier when the Founding Fathers set aside the hot potato that was slavery so they could ratify the Constitution. The signers knew they were passing the issue on to a future generation. Their hope was their progeny could answer the questions they could not…Read More

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The Worlds Answers
Stuart Steinfeld (Author)

Book Description: When you believe in something so much, the unexpected can happen. Let’s begin our journey together.

In this book you’ll receive answers to questions such as these:

• What is the secret to life, and how can I understand the unknown?
• How can I create a belief so strong inside me it becomes reality?
• How can I prevent what I don’t want, and gain what I do?
• Why am I not getting what I want out of life?

All you need to do is….Read More

The Little Black Book of SINS
T.M. Jacobs (Author)

Book Description: There are only a few who have read this book. Their whereabouts till this day are unknown. That is the only warning. …..Read More

WAVE THE FLAG: Project Management with Mr. Lohmeyer’s Design Flags
Mr. Phillip L Lohmeyer (Author)

Book Description: Design Flags improve your Project Management skills, and show you how to successfully navigate through any project. With these pages from WAVE THE FLAG: Project Management with Mr. Lohmeyer’s Design Flags (2017), designers can find common ground in the brainstorming process…….Read More

Rock God: A Rockstar Romance
Alex Wolf (Author)

Book Description: Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie Mercury…

They say I’ll be bigger than all of them.

They throw around words and phrases:

“Could be the greatest ever…”

“Revolutionary sound…”

I don’t give a sh*t about anything but my music. It’s my art. My escape…..Read More

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Arduous Love: Second chances in this modern-day romance
James H Waggoner (Author)

Book Description: Since her break-up with William and after months of self-reflection about why their relationship failed, Samantha is finally ready to take a second chance at love when she meets Bryson – an attractive young executive who appears to have all of the attributes she yearns for……Read More

Stop Back Pain Now: How to understand and Safely and effectively treat your lower back pain.
Thomas J . Purtzer MD (Author)

Book Description: This book is for people with chronic pain in their lower back.

It should also help anyone with chronic pain. It advises anyone with chronic lower back pain (LBP) to avoid the following: surgery, spinal injections, invasive procedures, and chronic opiate therapy until they have tried the safe, effective, and affordable techniques shared in this book. …..Read More

The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Prologue
Trevor Alan Foris (Author)

Book Description: The Octunnumi does not exist.

Fosbit and any files relating to a Fosbit do not exist.

The Tarelen peoples that protect and provide sanctuary for the Avitens of Fethrist

are not real….Read More

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Cody Toye (Author)

Book Description: Something more awful than death lurks in the aftermath of the fall of mankind…Evolution. Plants struggled for many years to survive in a man-made concrete prison, but now, they have evolved into horrid creatures feeding on the most abundant of food sources, and the human race hides in fear….Read More

A Practical Guide to GDPR
Chandra Prasad (Author)

Book Description: A practical guide to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

‘GDPR is no quick fix, neither a project with a timeline that ends on 25th May 2018. GDPR is an ongoing process, which should lead organisations to achieve and maintain a high level of data protection compliance and culture.’…Read More

What I Will…I Can!: Self-Empowerment “Tools for Life”
Joseph Giampapa Ma (Author)

Book Description: In this high tech, fast paced world of ten second commercials, micro sound bites, instant messages etc, to say nothing of the staggering increase in ADD, is it any wonder that all too often many books, though rich and valuable in content…go “unread”…simply because of their “volume”. What I Will …I Can was specifically written to “cut to the chase” and give viable and practical advice and/or solutions to many of life’s challenges facing us……Read More

Winslow Farm
Charlotte S. Snead (Author)

Book Description: Experience the timeless love, music, and spirituality of author Charlotte S. Snead’s family-centered and heavenly classic WINSLOW FARM. When Gabe Winslow learns of his parents’ death in an automobile accident, he resigns from the army and returns home from Afghanistan to his family farm in Lost Creek, West Virginia. Brian, Gabe’s…Read More

DRAGON’S GAP: (Book 1) A Fantasy Paranormal Romance Series: Reighn & Sage’s Story (DRAGON’S GAP SERIES)
L. M. LACEE (Author)

Book Description: Dragon Lord Reighn. Fire dragon the most feared and strongest of all dragons. Leader of a dying society.

As a punishment for being a closed society no females have been born to a dragon in hundreds of years. Now shifters and witches are coming to Dragon’s Gap. ..Read More

PARAHAN: The Earth We Live on Has Been an Imprisonment System
Kevin Brown (Author)

Book Description: PARAHAN is a bestselling science fiction in South Korean since it was published in the fall of 2013. The English edition of the book has been on Amazon since 2018…..Read More


Playing Dress-Up with Different Selves & Other Musings
Lauren Kloss (Author)

Book Description: In this wholly empathetic and wrenchingly astute collection of musings, a young female grapples with coming-of-age existential panic, a range of different shades and flavors of depression, the vicissitudes of modern life, and unflagging preoccupations with time, the psychological state of the world, apocalypse, love, and nostalgia, to name a few…..Read More

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The Night That Jimi Died

Book Description: What if souls could cross over at the point of life and death…?
What if your life was pre-ordained as a result of such a meeting as you were entering into the world…?
Kirsty born in Knightsbridge Infirmary London, the same hospital that a famous American Rock Hero had died in 20 years before.
Could there be a connection between these two completely unlikely connected people…? …..Read More

Find Your Happy: A Kids Self Love book, Create the best you through positive thinking, affirmations, mindfulness & self esteem practices.
Patricia May (Author)

Book Description: Endorsed by Anita Moorjani, New York Times Best selling author of “Dying to be Me” and “What if this is Heaven,” found this book to be a helpful guide for children of all ages. Find your Happy offers kids the tools needed to create a more pleasant daily experience…..Read More

Alexandria The Darkness Within (The Alexandria series Book 1)
Joshua Massenburg (Author)

Book Description: Alexandria loses her mother and is on the verge of losing everything. Torn by guilt and resentment she unleashes something that’s been hiding deep within the abyss of her soul, that changes everything she thought she knew about herself…Read More

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Dangerously Human
E. S. Webber (Author)

Book Description: An action-packed space adventure that will fit into your reading schedule.

Space is a very deadly place, a vacuum filled with colossal distances, impenetrable darkness and blazing balls of fire. Humans have spread so far throughout the four quadrants that they have lost touch with their origins. …..Read More


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