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Where Will You Go, Ricky Jo?
Tom Murdoch (Author) | Marina Veselinovic (Illustrator)

Book Description: Ricky Jo is an adventurous Chihuahua who hopes to live out her dream of finding new adventures and experiences. There are so many places to go, and even though Ricky Jo is small, she sets out to explore her dreams. This colorful book illustrates the places far and wide Ricky Jo visits before his return…..Read More

Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less: 101 Humorous Observations, Rules of Thumb and Untold Truths for Fathers by Any Definition
Mark M. Welfley (Author)

Book Description: Eight years in the making, Fatherhood in 60 Minutes or Less: 101 Humorous Observations, Rules of Thumb, and Untold Truths for Fathers by any Definition is a quick-hitting read, perfect for busy fathers everywhere….Read More

Redemption Through Forgiveness: How God Used My Mental Illness to Save Me
Lisa Slaton (Author)

Book Description: Diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder and other mental illnesses, Lisa created personalities as a child to help her survive trauma and abuse. As an adult, she finally meets her alters and finds that they are Christian alters whom God will use to help her understand His great love and mercy toward her….Read More

Sally St. Johns
Denise Heinze (Author)

Book Description: Forty-three-year-old Sally St. Johns is in deep trouble. A major player in alternative energies, Sally is on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough in energy consumption. But before she can unveil her discovery, she is arrested and implicated in a terrorist plot to destroy all competing energy sources. To exonerate herself, she must join forces with the U.S. government to find the real terrorist, a shadowy…..Read More

Baby Carrot’s Visit to the Aquarium: Vegetable Family
Mehul Hathi (Author)

Book Description: In a little farm, there live the happy, hardworking vegetables. Now that the summer holidays have begun, the baby vegetables can’t wait to visit Aquamarine Land. Their school teacher, Ms Lady-finger, has told them about all the beautiful aquatic creatures who live there…..Read More

A Crack in the Plaster
Martie Zuckerman (Author)

Book Description: Do you cringe when you hear the word poetry? Do you fear you must dig deep to decipher the author’s meaning? Are you concerned you might not measure up in book club if you’ve missed the hidden message? Set aside your fears and prepare to be entertained……Read More

The Adventures of Sarah Ann Lewis and the Memory Thieves (The Sentinels Book 1)
Joshua C. Carroll (Author)

Book Description: Who is stealing memories?

Can Sarah save her family?

You’ll love this rural sci-fi thriller because it’s A Wrinkle in Time meets The Chronicles of Narnia with spies, mad scientists, 1980s nostalgia, and plenty of mystery, all set in west Texas…….Read More

Avril’s Phoenix
Michelle Harris-Genge (Author)

Book Description: A normal life can be extraordinary. Avril Bale has a beautiful life with her precious young daughter, a second baby on the way and a caring husband. She has it all, which makes her completely ill-prepared for the tragic loss that completely rocks the foundation of her security, her sense of fairness, and her faith. Each new day, Avril navigates the….Read More

Two Ways Home: A Foster Care Journey
Marion Rhines (Author) | Rebekah Wood (Illustrator)

Book Description: 10-year-old Levi has just joined a new foster family! Levi knows being with a new family can be daunting, but wants everyone to know about all the good things that can come from foster care. With vibrant watercolor illustrations and a kid-friendly story….Read More

Finding Eleanor
Catelyn Critchfield-Wilson (Author)

Book Description: Eleanor had always dreamed of a life as a poet. That is until her simple role as the great-granddaughter of an insignificant baronet is completely changed by a sudden inheritance. All at once the days of writing poetry and wandering the countryside freely are over when her father becomes the Earl of Bowland……Read More

The Council
Kayla Krantz (Author)

Book Description: The Council is the governing Coven over the Land of Five, a region entirely inhabited–and split apart–by witches with varying powers…..Read More

Life is Not Fair, and Life is Not Kind, Life is an Opportunity
Albert Swope (Author)

Book Description: Success and happiness are closely intertwined, but in modern times there is a focus on equality and fairness. However, when it comes down to the individual person’s needs is equality going to get us the success we need in life to best care for ourselves and our families? So, here are a few points to consider, please read on…..Read More

Earthquake: How the Ever-shifting Healthcare Model Victimizes Americans
Brian H. Casull (Author)

Book Description: Healthcare in America is littered with confusing rules and unclear systems. The discussion is oft centered on misconstrued facts and downright lies. Some politicians claim that nobody ever died from lack of access, that the Affordable Care Act is unnecessary and American healthcare isn’t cost-prohibitive….Read More

Speak With No Fear: Go from a nervous, nauseated, and sweaty speaker to an excited, energized, and passionate presenter
Mike Acker (Author)

Book Description: When you think of public speaking, do you get nervous, anxious, or even sweaty?

Would you prefer never to give a presentation?…..Read More

Shepherd’s Warning: Sometimes you shouldn’t go home…
Cailyn Lloyd (Author)

Book Description: Paranormal at its most creative. An impressive, if not remarkable debut – Tim McWhorter,
author of the horror collection, Let There Be Dark
For years the abandoned MacKenzie mansion remained hidden in rural Wisconsin. Rumors and stories of apparitions, odd noises, accidents, and strange deaths in or near the property were enough to convince the townsfolk it was haunted and they stayed away….Read More

Rude Awakening: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Unholy Way the Church does Business and the Wake-up Call that is Sure to Come
Anonymous (Author)

Book Description: There is an ungodly practice going on in the church concerning money. Those who are closest to the problem already know, and everyone else probably suspects. I have shared just a very small part of the abuses going on in the church world where money is involved but I would not have you ignorant about these matters. It concerns YOU…..Read More

Flying With Kindness Picture Book Trailer

Sibling rivalry, a cranky little boy, and a frustrated mother could be any parent’ typical day. “Flying With Kindness”, is a deeply moving story and travel adventure to the Grand Canyon.It’s a book about a boy name Basil and the normal sibling rivalry with his younger sister, Ava. Basil has a strong personality. In addition, kindness doesn’t seem to come natural for Basil.

Basil’s parents are trying to teach him the importance of kindness. He thinks kindness is too much work. By chance, Basil’s family meets an old lady, an encounter which set up a chain of events and teachable moments in kindness.

Available in Amazon or visit

The Five Unnecessaries: Book 1 of the 27th Protector Series
Laura Campbell (Author)

Book Description: New Book Release! Book 1 of the 27th Protector Series- Already has 5-star ratings on Amazon

Readers of the Hunger Games and Divergent are loving this book!

Any child not created in a lab is an enemy of the state.

Pregnancy is treason.

Aislyn has only one chance to save an Unnecessary before she finds herself face to face with a Sentry… only he lets her escape…..Read More


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