GBT Book of the Week: 9 Easy Ways to Start Making Money on Ebay in 72 Hours or Less
Michelle Angell (Author)
( 10+ Reviews )

9 Easy Ways to Start Making Money on Ebay in 72 Hours or Less by Michelle Angell

Veteran eBay expert store owner, top seller, and Amazon Best Seller Michelle Angell gives you 9 easy ways for anyone to start making money on eBay immediately. If you don’t have an eBay account yet, she takes you through the process, step by step.Here’s a sample of how anyone can make money quickly from this book:

• How to get started on eBay step-by-step
• Examples of killer titles and descriptions that make people buy
• Your own photo studio for $5 and how to take pictures that sell
• Learn the best ways to pack and the cheapest ways to ship
• One auction near you where you may be the ONLY bidder!
• Selling an item before you commit to buy it? Here’s how to do it.
• How to start converting clutter to cash
• 5 Items you probably own and don’t use that can be sold today on eBay
• Thrift Shop Secrets and how you can profit by learning them
• How to use your smart phone to make more money faster
• 110 top brands found in thrift shops that sell well on eBay
• How to use little known features in Craigslist to find inventory
• Lesser known auctions that are great sources for good to re-sell on eBay
• What auctions should be avoided and why
• How to work on other people’s money and grow your eBay business fast
• Much, much, more inside

Who Should Read This Book
This book was written for people just like me. I’m a soccer mom with four kids and a husband who works hard. Before I started selling on eBay, we used to run short of money nearly every month. Anyone can learn my methods of creating a steady monthly income that grows as your eBay knowledge increases by reading this book. It is full of real world examples of some triumphs, and I share some of my mishaps and mistakes too. – Michelle Angell (Author)

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Michelle Angell (Author)

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