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How To Do Your Own Book Blog Tour
Judy A. Kessinger

You are a new writer or are continuing to write and want to promote your works to the widest audience possible. One way to do this is by a book blog tour. If you are not familiar with what a book blog tour is, it is simply a tour featuring a designated number of stops (similar to a bookstore tour) and will range from 10 to 20 blogs. It can go from one week to one month or the length of time decided on beforehand.

There are various reasons to do a book blog tour:

1) Targeting. You will reach your target audience by getting featured on specific blogs.

2) Exposure. Many blogs have hundreds, even thousands of followers.

3) Efficiency. Without leaving your home, you will reach many more people than you could by a regular bookstore signing tour.

4) Reviews. Book bloggers review books and these reviews are important for a buyers confidence in your books.

Planning a successful blog tour can be done with just a few tips.

1) Contact Bloggers. If this is not your first book, connect with bloggers you may have in mind and make new connections as well. Take time to do research. Read blogs that you like and pay attention to the links there. Email bloggers you wish to work with and ask them to join in. Provide time frames and possible post ideas for discussion. Pay attention to things such as professionalism, etc. when choosing bloggers. You want their ideas to reflect your own. (Continue)...Organize Yourself

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